Florida the Sunshine State: Why Owning Real Estate in Florida is More Desirable Than Ever

Tuesday, 2. February 2016
When most of us think of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind are the state’s dazzling beaches: from Miami’s white-sanded South Beach with its upscale nightclubs and shopping centers, to the significant wildlife refuge along Florida’s central Atlantic coast that’s a subtropical paradise for people and marine life alike.

But it’s more than just the gorgeous scenery that makes Florida one of the most desirable locations for investing in luxury real estate. The Sunshine State boasts an incredibly versatile culture—including culinary and art scenes that are sure to satisfy even the most distinguished tastes.

“Statewide median sales prices for both single-family homes and luxury condominiums have been steadily rising for well over three years now,” notes Roman Dollberger, CEO of MasterHomes.

Considering the exciting perks the state has to offer, that’s not surprising.

The vibrant Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area is at the very top of Florida’s real estate investment list and offers the perfect combination of exquisite new developments and historical intrigue. Take for example Miami Beach's Art Deco District: Featuring 800 historically-significant pastel structures whose majestic facades gleam with chrome and sleek glass, it’s truly a sight to be seen.

Testament to Miami’s refined art scene are exclusive events such as Art Basel, which took place at the end of last year with paintings, sculptures, installations and other works by masters of modern and contemporary art sourced from 267 leading galleries around the world.

A look at the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, a leading indicator of real estate trends in the Miami metropolitan region, confirms: Real estate value in Miami has been steadily increasing since November 2011, with a 7.41% increase in the last year alone.

Source: http://us.spindices.com/indices/real-estate/sp-case-shiller-fl-miami-home-price-index

Florida the Sunshine State: Why Owning Real Estate in Florida is More Desirable Than EverS&P/Case Shiller FL Miami Home Price Index