Beautiful seafront hotel for sale

Beautiful seafront hotel for sale
Beautiful seafront hotel for sale
Beautiful seafront hotel for sale
  • Country and City / Town: 
    • Croatia
    • Posedarje
  • Postal code / ZIP code:  23242
  • Property Type:  Special real estate
  • Categories:  Hotel
  • Price: 
    • EUR 3.500.000
    • (CHF 3.392.358)
    • (CZK 85.588.094)
    • (GBP 3.037.843)
    • (HRK 25.991.294)
    • (HUF 1.365.128.895)
    • (JPY 553.472.756)
    • (NOK 39.563.258)
    • (RUB 363.116.348)
    • (SEK 40.460.669)
    • (TRY 101.572.566)
    • (USD 3.705.258)
  • Object ID:  7606

The hotel has a total of 35 rooms and 97 beds. There are 2-bed, 3-bed, 4-bed and family rooms with bathrooms and balconies.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning , satellite TV, telephone and a safe and, except for 3 rooms on the ground floor, have a sea view .

On the ground floor you will find a reception , a small ice cream shop, a bar, several storage rooms for drinks and the beer dispenser, two toilets and the dining room, which is large enough for all house guests.

The spacious kitchen , several storage rooms with a cooling chamber and a separate grill kitchen make all cooking hearts beat faster.

A staircase leads from the dining room to the basement with a large room with a counter. This air-conditioned room with large windows and a direct view of the sea has been optimally used as a massage room in recent years. Hotel guests could be pampered by a Shiatsu therapist.

The dining room on the ground floor leads to the beautiful sun terrace , which is partly covered and partly surmounted by trees. Here you can really enjoy the mild summer evenings. On the terrace there is also a gazebo with seating, a large TV, a small bar and a small kitchen with a wood-burning fireplace/barbecue.

A staircase takes you from the terrace directly to the beach , which is mainly used by house guests . A bathing bay with clean water and a quiet bathing beach surrounded by lush greenery right in front of the hotel. What do you want "sea". The gently sloping beach is ideal for children, the Novigrad sea is a true surfing and water skiing paradise.

There are two separate staff toilets, bathrooms and a changing room.

Behind the house there is a large parking lot (also suitable for buses) and an outbuilding for the technology, the workshop and the laundry.

Current opening times: summer months (mid-May to early October)

Many regular guests come every year to enjoy a break. Many even in the 3rd generation.

The solar system is sufficient in summer to heat the hot water.

Beautiful seafront hotel for sale
  • Land size / Lot size: 
    • 4.062,00 m²
    • 43.723,00 ft²
  • Number of rooms in total:  35
  • Flooring material / pavement: 
    • Parquet flooring
    • Tile
  • Air condition:  Fully air-conditioned
  • TV:  Cabel / SAT / TV
  • Other furnishing / appointments:  Fireplace / Chimney
  • Heating system: 
    • Central heating
    • Cockle stove
  • Type of supply / energy: 
    • Oil
    • Solar heating
    • Wood
  • Year of construction:  1980