The perfect penthouse in the Vienna style

Tuesday, 2. December 2014
Modern, purist style with a lift directly into the apartment, plenty of glass, high-ceilinged, open rooms with a clean look and a completely unblocked overview of the Vienna skyline through enormous floor-to-ceiling windows - freedom and lifestyle, purely from the secluded rooftop terrace with sun from morning till night - this is how you would imagine the perfect Vienna penthouse!


These bright, open penthouses offer a free and integrated living experience with unobstructed living areas of at least 80 m² and oversized, optionally slanted window areas.


The desire to have your own penthouse is not exclusively an urban phenomenon, as can easily be seen in Vienna. It is a dream that fascinates many people, both young and old.

With the sky above you, a whole new dimension of living possibilities opens itself to you. With ceiling heights up to five meters in a galerie-style maisonette apartment, your wish for freedom will become a reality within your own four walls.


The perfect penthouse in Vienna is equipped with at least two bathrooms. Highly complex bus systems are included as a matter or course, for the convenient managing of your household appliances and utilities.

We are pleased to pair italian design with exclusive, custom-made carpenter finishings. Ultimately, every owner will instill their penthouse with their own personal taste and style, giving it an incomparable personal touch.

From 100 m² and up, penthouses are currently on offer in Vienna, with possibilities for every style and taste. The prices are to be classified according to location, quality and facilities. The 1st district clearly leads the price list, and with a small budget you should not begin your search there. When you are looking for an apartment you should be aware that living in the inner districts has its price, and that is not going to change in the near future.

Penthouse apartments are built by developers or architects at or often above the top floor of a villa with a beautiful, richly decorated facade, and then made available for sale to the public. When searching for the right penthouse in Vienna, it is definitely helpful to put your confidence in a professional real estate agent who will help your find your own, exclusive property, be it a newly built urban construction project in the inner districts or a penthouse apartment on the secondary market. Experienced real estate agents have a valuable overview, and know the market well.

The perfect penthouse in the Vienna style