Luxury properties in Vienna are in higher demand than ever

Sunday, 28. January 2018
When it comes to luxury properties, Vienna is on a par with world metropolises such as London and New York. Its particular strengths are in the areas of quality of life and residential standards. The special flair of the old city with the charming little cafés, restaurants and historical buildings make Vienna what it is today: one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


The demand for luxury properties is increasing

In 2017, the Mercer study on quality of life crowned Vienna as the most liveable city for the 8th time in a row. Here, a total of 39 criteria, including air quality, public transport, criminality rate and many more were taken into consideration in the evaluation. With the Hofburg Palace and the parliament, in Vienna, you are right up close to the action from a political perspective. Thus it comes as no surprise that the city is experiencing continuous growth. According to experts, Vienna could surpass the „2 million threshold“ before the year 2030.[1] In the luxury segment, the average price per square metre is approx. € 10,000. Nevertheless, the demand for expensive apartments is high. A further interesting detail: the city is becoming older and younger at the same time, since both the numbers of people over 75 years as well as that of children and young people under 15 are considerably increasing.


Luxury properties in Vienna and the surroundings are in high demand

Luxury properties in the nation's capital are indeed experiencing ever greater popularity. The purchase price of condominiums varies greatlydepending on the district. The offers of luxury properties in Vienna appeal to the locals just as much as to the tourists. In order to do this demand justice, Viennese real estate meets a high quality standard. And the clientele that is interested in properties in the higher price sector is also discerning and financially strong. But the price often plays no role anyway. Whether it's puristic new constructions in outer districts, townhouses with history or luxurious penthouse apartments – there's one thing it must be: extravagant.


The most expensive Viennese residential districts in the upscale sector are:

  • Innere Stadt, 1st district, Vienna 1010
  • Döbling, 19th district
  • Wieden, 4th district
  • Josefstadt, 8th district
  • Hietzing, 13th district
  • Landstraße, 3rd district
  • Mariahilf, 6th district


Where in Vienna can one purchase a villa or a luxury property?

In the first district (Vienna 1010), you will find numerous properties in the upscale category. Nowadays, these are often apartments in which the lift goes all the way from the underground garage to the apartment. But this then mainly applies to properties that cost over 2 million euros. In Florida, this trend has been taken so far that residents drive directly into their apartments with their cars. For people who prefer a quiet residential area, the western districts by the Vienna Woods are ideal. In Währing and Döbling, there are plenty of properties that are up for purchase. When it comes to the prices for luxury properties in Vienna, there are no limits as to how high they can go. Many wealthy clients are currently searching for a suitable house or apartment. Naturally, it is also possible to rent certain properties.


The Vienna Ring – many luxury apartments and numerous residential projects

The Vienna Ring, as the most famous road in Vienna, is also enjoying renewed attention in the areas of construction and architecture. Together with the Palais Schottenring, the idea here is to implement a project that includes 36 residencies and 4 penthouses. The incomparable cosmopolitan flair attracts people from all over the world. The lavish, glamorous furnishing of the interior rooms is essential here. The vast window facade with a view of the old city and the St. Stephen's Cathedral is definitely a priceless accessory.


[1] Population development and trends in Vienna 2014 to 2044, p. 13

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