Good reasons to buy a property in Cyprus

Friday, 20. May 2022
Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia. Geographically it belongs to Asia, but politically and culturally it is mostly counted to Europe. 1.15 million people live on 9251 km².

Anyone who decides to buy a property in Cyprus is well advised.

In addition to tax advantages for foreigners who emigrate to Cyprus and spend their main focus of life there or start a company, the pleasant climate, the beautiful beaches and the sea are of course a main attraction to live on this beautiful island.

Cyprus has 63 beaches that invite you to linger. The crystal-clear water reaches around 29 degrees in summer. The island's warm season lasts for more than 8 months a year. With the year-round beautiful weather, you can pursue outdoor activities almost all year round. But Cyprus also has a lot to offer for those who prefer a winter landscape. Inland, the Troodos Mountains offer snow with rustic villages all around, brimming with beautiful architecture and history.

Cyprus has many faces. In addition to small, idyllic fishing villages to relax in, there are also metropolises such as Limassol, where you can treat yourself to every luxury. Above all, however, the Cypriots are very friendly and helpful people who approach new people openly.

Medical care also offers the same standard as in the European Union. The medical practices are modern and the doctors are very friendly. Private health insurance is inexpensive in Cyprus.

All in all, life in Cyprus is very stress-free. Because the Cypriots live a relaxed lifestyle that rubs off and has a positive effect on living together.

The overall package of a great climate, friendly people, good food and much more contribute to a high quality of life. Additionally, there are interesting tax advantages and low cost of living as icing on the cake.


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Good reasons to buy a property in Cyprus