A house on the sea, a dream come true...

Thursday, 4. December 2014
In recent years, the trend for exclusive lakeside property has grown ever more popular.

If you have the means to afford it and the good luck of being in the right place at the right time, a property on the lakefront is the purchase to make. The lasting value of lakeside properties, as well as the luxury of being able to jump into the water from your own backyard make for a rewarding investment.

Lakefront properties are sold very quickly, even small properties and bathing areas are popular and change owners quickly, says Roman Dollberger of MasterHomes®.

No other property type has experienced such raise in value in recent years. The properties' ideal qualities, as well as the rarity of their availability, rocket their value to the top of the market. Such a property can be relied on for long-term worth and value. Nevertheless, is it still possible to find lakes whose property prices are not yet raised, and are available for manageable prices. However, these lakes are still little known and therefore the infrastructure and facilities are not as well developed. For those who seek peace and quiet by the lake, these lakes offer an excellent alternative.

What determines the price of lakefront property?

Of course, the main point of a lakeside property is unobstructed, immediate access to the lake. In addition, a property should impress you, not only with its view, but with its seclusion. It is precisely the privacy that a property provides which significantly increases its resale value. Long shorelines, wide access to the waterfront and a property opening toward the lake are all excellent arguments for a lakefront purchase. A direct view over the water from the windows of the residential areas would also be greatly valued by potential buyers.

It is to your advantage to clarify the conditions and parameters of a property before purchase. For example, that the path to the lake is warranted, and not limited by a third party. Constructing a bathhouse, obtaining a license for a motorboat or simply placing a buoy in front of your front door will increase the value of your property.

A house on the sea, a dream come true...